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                      CONTACT US                                   HOURS                                  LOCATION                                                          Monday 7:30am – 1:30 pm                           14930 La Plaisance Rd     

                      (734) 384-3682                                          Wednesday 7:30am – 1:30pm                           Monroe MI, 48161 

                                                                                               Friday  7:30am – 1:30 pm


Our Story

Fresh Start CoffeeHouse is a nonprofit venture dedicated to helping formally incarcerated individuals and addiction survivors with meaningful employment. We desire to support the rebuilding of lives with each employee through discovery of their personal purposes, gifts and callings. Our vision is to empower those who come to us to participate fully in the economic and social life of our community. We believe such employment leads to financial freedom which is instrumental in the healing journey.

Our Cold Brew Coffee 

Here at Fresh Start CoffeeHouse, we make cold brew coffee using this beautiful Yama Glass Cold Brew Maker with slow drip technology. This premium, innovative drip cold brew system ensures the richest, acidic free, full-bodied cold brew coffee. Through a unique 8-hour process using pure filtered ice water, cold drip coffee produces a unique flavor not found in regular brewed coffee. This method passes individual drops of ice water over a bed of coffee grounds. The result is a strong, smooth and delicious cold brew.



We are so excited to resume FRIDAY NOON MUSIC 

The Next Performance TBD

14930 LaPlaisance, Monroe, MI 48161

Feel free to brown-bag your own lunch. Purchase beverages, snacks here. Call (734)384-3682 for further information

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